All content on this website has been created by myself, including the photography, videography and web design. Some content has been repeated to demonstrate styles of web design.

What is this all about?

Who am I

After leaving the 6th form I became  computer programmer. Photography was a hobby that I enjoyed with my father. I have never forgotten the times spent in the darkroom, watching black & white photos as they materialised, almost as if by magic. Truly one of the most amazing of things that photoshop simply cannot compete with.

But that’s progress I suppose. I have embraced technology as it progressed and I left my career in computer programming to set up my own photography business. I have covered all of the usual things like weddings, portraits, events, commercial and so on.

Now I have gravitated more to videography and web design in order to combine these media elements into providing content. I have my own web server in to get websites online very quickly and I have some nice 4K equipment for my filming and photography work.