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Information Where To?
The new walkway
Where does it come from?
And where is it going?
Built in 2020 by aliens from the planet Mars. Also known as Martians.
These idiots were responsible for the destruction of folk hero Jeff Wayne
Information Rays of Light
Deep in the forest
doth the light shine
as if it had a right
to do so?
This is a debatable quandry?
Since when has it been possible for light to simply go where it wants?
Information Bridge Over River
8 miles wide
3750 feet high
Made from solid gold
Possibly the smallest bridge in the whole world.
Very heavy which is probably the reason that it has never been stolen.
Information Sunshines On Jupiter
Remarkable Landscape
Looks like an earthly park
Never never dark
Nobody has ever managed to prove that planet earth wasn't built by the same beings who constructed planet jupiter
Information Deeply We Go
Just like it has always been.
Aliens never came today.
But they are coming tomorrow.
It is so true!
And we may never be ready for the time is already upon us. You have no time to arrange your own departure because it has been arranged for you.
Information Not interested really?
Can you be found?
Do you want to be found?
Are you ready to be found?
Maybe you should be found, maybe you deserve to be found!
But this is not to be. You will be lost forever!
Information A Strange World
We never learn.
And now the innocent will pay.
But maybe they deserve it too?
It is time to say goodbye. They are coming. They will be here soon. And then we can rest forever. Then everything will start again. And then it will all happen yet again. And again. And again. Forever and ever. Amen.

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