(1) Go to the official filezilla website

(2) Download the filezilla client

(3) Select this option to download

(4) Just ignore any advertisements and don’t click on them

If you see a message from your browser which warns you of potential harm from the file, it is ok to ignore the warning and to save the file

(5) Now you need to locate the file you just downloaded. On most windows operating systems you will have a file explorer icon bottom left of screen. If not, you can find it in the menu.

(6) Once you are in the file explorer, you can click on ‘Downloads’ to locate the file you just downloaded.

(7) Double-click the file you downloaded and run it.

As you go through the instructions during the procedure

  • Do NOT install the sponsor software.
  • Tick the box to place the icon on your desktop

If any of these things are not requested or mentioned, do not worry, just continue to install filezilla

(8) Filezilla is now installed and the icon is on the desktop.

Leave it alone for a while, because now we need to create your folder for storing your stuff.

(9) Open file explorer again and click on


This will open the folder so you can see the files on your main drive.

(10) Now we need to create your folder

(11) Right-Click in the white space.

New, then Folder

Name it ‘VALA’


(12) You can now see the new folder that you have created.

(13) Go to the Filezilla icon on your desktop and double-click it to run the program.

(14) When filezilla is open, 

Select File, Site Manager

And it will open a box as shown on this image. You can see a button called New Site. Click on that and fill in the name Vala. Yours will only have Vala in the list. My example shows 2 others, which you will not have and do not need.

I will send you the host, username and password by whatsapp.

Fill them in and press button called CONNECT

(16) Now the connection is open.

The window on the left side shows the contents of your computer and the window on the right shows the content of my server. You can open the folder on my sever windo to see the content of files. You can select anything to download by dragging it across to your computer folder. You can also drag the folder itself to your folder and it will download the folder and all of the contents.

Likewise, you may send files to me by dragging from your computer window to my server window 🙂